Invitingly Sexy


Age: Twenty Seven
Height: 5 foot 7
Identifies As: Kiwi Euro
Bust: D
Hair: Ever Changing
Eyes: Brown
Dress Size: Eight
Tattoos: No


Age: Twenty Four
Height: 5 foot 7
Identifies As: Kiwi Euro
Bust: D
Hair: Ever Changing
Eyes: Brown
Dress Size: Eight
Tattoos: Tiny
Invitingly Sexy


About Me


Hey! I’m Norah – A tantalising Kiwi babe with a friendly,
inviting personality and an amazing body.

I have big brown eyes and a naughty smile that will capture you entirely.

Intimate and personal with My massage,  I have already settled right into the ways of intense relaxation and seduction. You will find I’m eloquent and an excellent conversationalist with a unique personality. 

  Time with me has been describes as both ‘magical’ and ‘addictive’. I not only to indulge your senses, but to also indulge your mind. 

I am a tender and intimate masseuse with a sexy confidence that will put you right at ease.

My hands are oh so skilled and can easily arouse and stimulate you.

I am sultry and sensual and highly addictive.

I’ll see you soon xx


Below is the price schedule for our most popular massage style is our Signature Body to Body Hot Oil Massage.
Please see our Pricing page for details on our other amazing styles.


$120 Cash/Eftpos

Forty Five

$140 Cash/Eftpos


$160 Cash/Eftpos


$260 Cash/Eftpos

One Twenty

$300 Cash/Eftpos


Open Minded


Extras are at the girls discretion. Debonairs makes no guarantees on behalf of the girls, nor do we set their fees. 

Norah is open minded but does not advertise her extras online.
Please ask her during your session, her price range for extras is $50 to $150 xx

Norah’s massage includes:


Breast sweeps

Skin to Skin Contact

Respectful Touching of Her Body

Loads of Teasing

Hand Relief


My Massage Style:
Intimate and Teasing

Very Pretty | Seductive | Busty

Doubles Well With
All your favourites

Lingerie Style


I’m not really the type of person to write reviews but I feel that I owe this lady one since this is the first time in a while I actually enjoyed an SM session.

I rarely visit Debonairs but when a lady’s profile catches my eye, booking them is always easy and the replies are almost instant. The receptionist is really friendly whenever I go there. After a few minutes of paperwork, I meet Norah and she is really beautiful. I wish I told her that but I’m normally shy when it comes to pretty women so I just made small talk instead. Greetings and small talk done, was told to take a shower and while I was showering, it occurred to me that I’ve seen her before in another SM place but I put this thought in the back of my mind and just decided to enjoy the company of this gorgeous lady. I’m not sure if this is just me or other SM people do this too, but I normally try not to look at the masseuse’s body that much during introduction just cause I want the moment where I finally turn over at the 2nd half of the massage to be even more impactful and admire their body to the fullest.

Anyways, the first half of the massage is business as usual, some firm massages, some body slides. I don’t know what it is but I love it when masseuses hold your hand while they massage a different part of your body and Norah did this a couple of times and it I find it really nice. Also, Norah took my hands and guided them to the parts that she wanted to be touched which I also find hot. After body slides, I finally get to turn around and admire Norah’s amazing body and as soon as I get to see her in all her glory, everything finally clicked. I’ve seen Norah about 2 years or so ago at Bella Nova. I knew because I think she was the first masseuse I booked on my very first visit to Bella Nova, I still remember how perfect her body was, and 2 years later, it’s still as amazing as ever, probably even better. 

This is where the massage gets even better because on her Debonairs profile, it says her massage is intimate, and oh boy it is. Lots and lots of body slides which is what I’ve always preferred in SM. Norah wears this metal necklace (?) I think, and I swear this is not just an accessory that Norah likes to wear and is actually a part of the massage because there’s something about her cold metal necklace touching my warm body that amplifies the whole experience. Did I also mention that her body is perfect? I know I’ve said it a few times now but I can’t stress enough how sexy she really is. I’m not really great at describing things but the massage consisted of slow and sensual body slides with our bodies getting really close to each other, and after some time we finally finish. I normally never ask the masseuse about extras on my first visit as I just want to know how they would do the massage normally but I kinda wish I asked Norah just because I wanted to enjoy her company even more but I’ll just have to book her again.

After the massage, I ask Norah if she used to work at [another place] a couple of years ago under a different name and she said that she did and that she kinda recognised me. I wasn’t a regular of hers back then because from what I remember, her massage style back then wasn’t as intimate as it is now, maybe I’m mistaken, but since I enjoyed my session with her current massage style, I plan on going back and seeing her again. I asked her a bit more about her decision to change her name and stuff which she kindly talked to me about even though she didn’t have to and I’m not going to say why she did the name change and what name she used to work under because it’s not my position to but all I can say is that she was a fan-favourite back then and she sure as hell still is/will be! If some of you reading have an idea on who I’m talking about then please go visit her as her massage style has gotten way better and to those that have no idea who I’m talking about then just book her anyway because Norah is awesome.

– PizzaDawn, AF



We assure total privacy and discretion with each and every interaction.
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