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We Accept:

  • Cash
  • Eftpos
  • Visa & Mastercard ($10 Surcharge)
  • Bank Transfers ($10 Surcharge)

We Do Not Have PayWave Facilities

We Do Not Offer Cash-Back or Refunds

The Debonairs Sojourn



Frequently asked

Where Can I Park?

Best Parking–
Burnley Terrace

Near By –
Prospect Terrace and Grange Road

Short Walk –
Count Down Parking Lot

We Do Not Offer Parking –
Our Neighbours Tow.
Do Not Park In Our Driveway

How Private Are You?

We are located within an art deco building discretely hidden just off the main road. Our girls value their privacy and we are sure you do too. Therefore, we have no signage suggesting who or what we are.

Our team are trained to ensure you do not meet anyone else during your visit. Those who require extra discretion are asked to contact reception as they near us so we can ensure the coast is clear.

How Do I Pay?

We accept cash and eftpos.

The business name does not show up on your bank statements or receipts.

All extras and tips must be paid in cash upfront.

A $10 Service Fee is charged on all Credit Cards and Bank Transfers

What Does A Sensual Massage Include?

Our Signature Massage is a deliciously smooth massage to stimulate and entice the senses provided by a beautiful girl of your choice It promises erotic, nude breast sweeps and skin to skin body slides followed by hand relief to finish. You will be invited to gently explore your lady’s body throughout your massage at no additional cost.

Do I Have To Book?

Bookings are encouraged, especially if there is a particular lady you would like to see.

Walk-ins are welcome. If you are in the area or are not sure of your timing, pop by as it suits you.

You must arrive on time to your booking or let us know if you are running early or late so we can ensure

  • You do not walk into other clients
  • Your booking can be kept for you
  • You are not added to our do not pre-book list

Do You Cater To Women?

We sure do! We have Women for Women and also Men for Women – Just let us know your preferences!