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A Tribute To Pleasure

Not Sure What To Book?

If you’re new to Sensual Massage or particularly nervous, we recommend booking a 60minutes massage.
If you are one to take your time to the finish line, we would suggest booking a minimum of 45minutes.
If you are feeling extra indulgent, 90minutes are always a favourite.
Couples enjoy longer doubles.
Our girls love 75minute sessions.

Please Note: As of 1 July our hourly rates will increase by $10. 100% of this price increase will go to the our masseuses.

Body to Body

Everything you need to feel alive is here. The slow and the hard, the tease and the tug, the mirrors and the beauty.  Our erotic massage is the finest, most intensely decadent experience this side of Heaven.

Thirty – $120

Forty Five – $140

Sixty – $170

Seventy Five – $210

Ninety – $260

One Twenty – $300

Sugar and Spice

When they first enter the room, it’ll take you a second to get your bearings. What’s happening? Where do you look? This will be the hottest thing you’ve ever done. Our girls are total seductresses and they’re focusing all their sexual energy on you!

Thirty – $240

Forty Five – $260

Sixty – $300

Seventy Five – $420

Ninety – $520

Mystery Massage

Feel the thrill of anticipation with a little masseuse roulette. There’s a real intensity added as you think all day about which of our gorgeous girls will be sharing their amazing, sensual skills with you. This is a great way to break out of your usual routine and meet some new babes!

Forty Five – $120

Sixty – $140

Sixty Double – $280

Let us pick a girl for you

Focused Pleasure

Sometimes you just need to skip the frills and go straight to the main event. In the dim light of the room, your masseuse will elicit gasps of pleasure as she focuses on nothing but your most erogenous zones. She knows exactly how to tease you and enjoys your arousal utterly and completely.

Thirty – $170

Forty Five – $200

Sixty – $230

Seventy Five – $280

Soapy Massage

The cleanest way to get down and dirty! Her worshiping of your senses begins with a delicious massage filled with intimate caresses and tender body slides. With her expert touch she will leave you breathless and without a hint of oil residue.

Thirty – $150

Forty Five – $170

Sixty – $200

Seventy Five – $250

Nuru Nuru

Nuru comes from the Japanese word for “slippery”. This sensual massage is like no other. Instead of using just our hands, your beauty gets naked and slides her entire body across yours in the sexiest of ways. Experience heightened sensory stimulation as you immerse yourself in an intensely intimate affair

Thirty – $170

Forty Five – $200

Sixty – $240

A Little Thrill

If it’s just too hard to decide who to see, tell us the three ladies you desire and we will make the choice for you. The excitement in the air as you discover which beauty you get to see will amplify your experience three-fold!

Forty Five – $130

Sixty – $150

Forty Five  Double – $260

Sixty Double – $280

Let us pick from your top 3 girls

Couples Massage

This massage is simultaneously affectionate and sexy. Turn the heat right up and climax at the hands of our erotic girls or use it as the hottest foreplay you’ll ever have.

Thirty – $240

Forty Five – $260

Sixty – $340

Seventy Five – $420

Ninety – $470

One Twenty – $620

Back to Back

The world is at its most ravishing when you have gorgeous girls lined up to see you. One by one our practised hands settle everywhere, thoroughly exploring your naked body, beckoning you to surrender to a full body climax.

Sixty – $250

Ninety – $290

One Twenty – $340

This is not a double. We will be indulging you with two women back to back.

Foot Fetish

We all have a little kink. We should all satisfy ourselves more profoundly by giving in to temptation. Our Foot Goddesses make your intimate time more intriguing with their beauty, skill and gorgeous feet.

View Gallery

Standard Sixty – $170

Please Note: Some of our beauties charge extra for Foot Fetish or Extras pertaining to this style of session.

Women For Women

Do you fantasise about a women intimately worshipping your body? With a delicate, beautiful and erotic touch, we will take the time to give you the attention you need.

View Our Bisexual Girls

Thirty – $120

Forty Five – $140

Sixty – $170

Seventy Five – $210

Male Masseuse

This is surely the most erotic encounter you will have and one you will not soon forget. Bi-Sexual Will and Jacques are master of sensual masseurs. Using their skilled hands they will bring you to the greatest finale.

View The Guys  Profiles

Prior Appointment Only

Sixty – $170

Seventy Five – $210

Ninety – $260



Some things are best kept as your own sexy little secret..

If you feel like indulging in an extra or three with your masseuse that’s fabulous, but these are to be kept confidential and behind closed doors. Our receptionists do not give out information in regards to this as more often than not the ladies offer more to polite clients face to face. We can point you in the direction of our more open minded ladies but remember that your hygiene and respectful
manner are what determines whether or not you are offered these sexy little additions.

Please discuss extras and additional costs with your masseuse upon arrival.

A word to the wise:
Any form of disrespect, harassment or violation of boundaries will result in immediate termination of service without refund.
‘No’ means ‘No’ with or without clothes on.

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