Covid Response

Stay up to date with what we are doing to keep you and our team safe

We Appreciate You And Your Loyalty And Respectfully Request That If You’re Feeling Unwell Please Call Us To Reschedule Your Appointment. 

For The Health & Safety Of Our Team And Other Guests, We Will Be Unable To See You If You Are Unwell And Reserve The Right To Refuse Service


This is a very intimate time for us and we really want to do our best to keep you coming over and over again, however, for the time being, there will be non-negotiable restrictions.

At this time, we are required to wear masks where practicable.

Our team have been told they have the option of not providing forward (face to face) body slides during this time or only providing breast sweeps. Most will be more than happy to provide reverse bodyslides to respectful clients. Please respect that this is their decision and we can not and will not force them to do anything which makes them uncomfortable

Every one of our team members have been asked to keep their health in tip top shape and to not come to work if they have even the smallest sniffle. This may result in last minute cancellations of bookings so please check with our reception team in the morning as WE DO NOT CONTACT YOU out of respect for your privacy.

Each masseuse has been allocated a room for the entirety of their shift. This means you may not get your preferred room. Bookings will be spaced even further apart than usual so please be flexible with your times so that we can accommodate you.

We will not tolerate any form of abuse or disrespect towards out team, including the receptionists. 

Contact Tracing

The NZ Government insists that anyone entering the building provides a name (first name is fine) and preferred contact method upon entering the building. As we will not be accepting bookings via no-caller IDs we will have this information at the time of your booking. This means you will be able to avoid any awkward form filling out. It also means your details are not flying around on clipboards for everyone to see. Any and all information provided to us will be confidential and only offered to the government if absolutely necessary. We will offer this under another trading name as well so that you can continue feeling secure about your visits with us. We have thought long and hard about how to preserve your privacy in every way possible because we are awesome like that.

We also have our QR Code displayed for your convenience.

Be prepared for screening at the time of making your booking and again at the time of money exchanging hands. 
If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please refrain from making a booking. If you arrive and show ANY symptoms of illness, you will be immediately asked to leave without a refund.

As a private location, we have the luxury of being able to minimise all non-awesome human contact. By that we mean, apart from the quick formalities with our friendly receptionist, you will not need to cross paths with anyone other than your chosen masseuse. That’s standard procedure by the way, but it’s nice to be reassured. As per usual, if you still need extra comfort you can text us to make sure the coast is clear before you arrive.

Additional Info (Updated)


  1. Are you well enough to visit us? 
    That’s just common courtesy. We don’t want your germs any more than you do! Rather reschedule your appointment and come back when you are fit and ready for our special brand of fun!
    Please note: If you show up and are unwell we will still charge you for the session and turn you away.
  2. Kill the germs! 
    Our surfaces are wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant before and after every session. We use hand sanitiser, antibacterial wash and lots of bleach. You will be asked to partake in some of these rituals as well. We also utilise UV sterilisation.
  3. Hygiene is crucial for a good time (so wash super well in all your crevices).
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly!
    Please feel free to use the disinfectant in the rooms and wash your hands when needed in our bathrooms
  5. If you have been travelling please observe government mandated isolation guidelines before coming to see us (or anyone else!!)

In addition to the above we would like to announce we have increased our room ventilation. Over lockdown extraction fans were installed in our building. Our air-conditioning units also aid in this.